Insulated Siding for Homeowners in Crystal Lake, IL & Nearby Areas

Siding Crystal Lake IL Siding does more than determine the color of your home’s exterior – it also shields its infrastructure and helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Elite Remodeling Group installs Preservation Integra siding that delivers on all these facets. Thanks to an insulated vinyl design, this product allows homeowners in Crystal Lake, Illinois, and surrounding Chicagoland communities to enjoy an energy-efficient home exterior that stands up to fluctuating temperatures and harsh weather beautifully.

The Preservation Integra line installed by Elite Remodeling Group is a smart investment for several reasons. It’s a one-piece system that’s hung instead of hard nailed, which conceals many abnormalities in framing and bowed walls. Plus, this siding is remarkably durable. Its long clapboards are resistant to tearing, cracking, and other damage from high winds, hailstorms, and even wayward footballs. Perhaps best of all, our low-maintenance siding offers the look of wood, without the risk of rotting, warping, or fading.

Homeowners in Crystal Lake, IL, who choose Preservation Integra siding also receive an energy-efficient product that can help maintain the desired indoor temperature and potentially reduce monthly energy costs. Here are a few reasons why:

  • 1.5 inches of insulation gives our product an industry-leading R-value
  • Advanced engineering allows our installers to fit siding into the tightest of corners and under seams
  • Interlocking panels and a patent-pending stack lock system combine to create a secure seal

At Elite Remodeling Group, we understand siding is a large investment. To ensure you make a confident purchase, we offer a lifetime transferrable warranty. In addition, our installers are factory trained and certified, so you can be assured the job will be completed correctly the first time.

Since 1993, we’ve not only provided innovative home improvement products, but also superior customer service. Our professionals are mindful of your busy schedule, considerate of your property, and work hard to achieve your satisfaction. For these reasons and more, Elite Remodeling Group maintains an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

To learn more about our Preservation Integra insulated vinyl siding for homes in Crystal Lake, IL, and nearby Chicago suburbs, contact Elite Remodeling Group today.



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