Insulated House Siding in Lake in the Hills, IL & Nearby Communities

House Siding Lake in the Hills IL House siding in Lake in the Hills, Illinois, and surrounding Chicagoland areas must be able to shield residences from frigid winter temperatures. At Elite Remodeling Group, we install siding that does just that – and much more. With our Preservation Integra insulated house siding, your family can more easily enjoy a comfortable indoor temperature without cranking up the heat and paying costlier utility bills.

There are multiple features that set our energy-efficient house siding apart from the rest. Its thick layer of insulation is precision contoured and tightly secured to each panel, providing an industry-leading R-value and a strong buffer against cold temperatures. And thanks to the advanced design of this insulation, our factory-trained and -certified professionals can fit it in the tightest of corners and under seams. This house siding also boasts sturdy clapboards that interlock to create another ultra-tight barrier from the chilliest of winter temperatures as well as heat in the summer months.

Not only does Preservation Integra siding offer remarkable energy efficiency, it’s equipped with design features that provide several other great advantages for homeowners in Lake in the Hills, IL. These benefits include:

  • The ability to conceal many wall and framing irregularities, since it’s a one-piece system that’s hung rather than hard nailed
  • Resistance to denting, scratching, and damage from high winds
  • A more finished appearance, thanks to clapboards that are 39 percent longer than standard panels
  • More free time – our siding doesn’t require repainting, sealing, or staining

As one of the area’s premier home remodelers since 1993, you can be assured Elite Remodeling Group’s house siding professionals will walk you through each step of the purchasing and installation processes should you decide to trust us with your project. In our decades of experience, we’ve acquired a reputation for providing exceptional customer service throughout all phases of the remodeling project. In fact, our work has helped us earn and maintain an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

To learn more about our insulated house siding and the benefits it can provide for your home in Lake in the Hills, IL, or a nearby suburb, contact Elite Remodeling Group today.

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