Bathtub Replacement, Tub to Shower Conversion, and More for Chicago Area Homeowners

bathtub replacement chicagoAt Elite Remodeling Group, we offer our bathtub replacement service to homeowners throughout the Chicago area. If there is a bathtub in your home that is beginning to show its age, then why not replace it today and start reaping the benefits of a new bathtub immediately? With a new replacement bathtub from Elite Remodeling Group, you are certain to have a more enjoyable bathing experience. Plus, the new bathtubs that we offer are made by Bathwraps and are exceptionally easy to maintain. They are constructed entirely out of non-porous acrylic and therefore do not provide a breeding ground for unsightly mildew or mold. Each Bathwraps replacement bathtub is also covered by a lifetime guarantee, so you can confident that this bathroom remodeling purchase for as long as you own your home.

No matter where you live in the Chicago area, you can also turn to Elite Remodeling Group for a wide range of other home remodeling services. In addition to tub replacement, we also offer:

  • Shower replacement
  • Walk-in bathtub installation
  • New window installation
  • New entry door installation
  • Siding and roofing
  • And more

Contact Elite Remodeling Group today to receive more detailed information about our company, the services that we offer, and the specific products that we use. Whether you are a candidate for a new replacement bathtub, new windows, or new attic insulation, Elite Remodeling Group is a home remodeling contractor in Chicago that can handle your every need.какой выбрать ноутбукипотечное кредитование в украине 2012daybinary optionsпрограмма

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